Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Rockettes and New york City

Last Saturday I went on a bus tour to New York City. It is only about four hours from my house. A coworker and I wanted so bad to go to NYC just to do some shopping without any strings attached (husbands), so we planned this trip back in August and we were looking forward for it.

The main reason to go was to see The Rockettes at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. This was my first time going to Radio City Hall. The building is so beautiful. It still have the same characteristics and decor since it opened back in the 30's. The show was spectacular. It starts with a 3D Christmas movie that is great for children and adults. I am not going to describe the whole show, but I will just say that is worth the money I spent.

We only had about three and a half hours to shop. It was a very short time, specially if you go in Christmas time. We went to a couple of stores, not too many since there was not time. My favorite as usual was Aldo's Shoes and H&M.

I also discovered another store called Anthropologie. We have a couple of these stores in Virginia and DC but I never felt attracted to go in. Let me tell you it is amazing all the things they sell there. It is unique!

About the fashion: My fashion report still lots of leggings. The only "new" thing I saw at the stores was animal print leggings and lots of animal prints everywhere. That means jeans, shoes, handbags...I mean everywhere. I also saw a lot of women wearing Uggs boots, including me, but could tell they were all tourists just like me.

I had a great time, I am looking forward to go back in the summer!

I think this chandelier is spectacular.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time in my old home town! We did the Rockette thing last year. It was wonderful and I felt like such a kid!

Merry Christmas.

Signed: A fellow seamstress.