Thursday, December 11, 2008

Simplicity Pattern 4117

Finally, I finished the Simplicity pattern 4117 handbags. I used Belvoa material that I purchased at Joann Fabrics back in September. This fabric comes in different kinds of animal prints. I selected a "Cow" print. I made model "F" and I used 1 3/8yards of the Belvoa fabric and the same amount of fabric for the lining. I purchased black lining material. This patterns calls for interfacing to be used in the whole project. I only used interfacing for the handle since Belvoa is a pretty tick material.

These was a very easy project. It takes approximately an hour an a half to sew it. As usual I procrastinated a long time to make this. I cut the fabrics in October then I put in a Ziploc bag and finally finished both yesterday. As I mentioned before at other post, I am keeping one for myself and the other one is for my best friend in Texas.

Step number 1, cutting

Step number 2, pin

I used black lining material.

Final result!

One for my friend Ivanett and one for me!


JC said...

Hi Lizz. Thanks for posting this pattern. I appreciate you taking the time to outline your steps. Since you said it was an easy pattern, this could be a start for me. I am progressing. Just igned up for a winter class--starting in mid-February 2009 at the Falls Church G Street (Beginning Sewing). Plus, purchased some books that received excellent reviews on Amazon at B&N last week and the rest came in today.

PS: You must have nice JoAnn Fabrics in your area. I noticed that you reference them alot and the ad on your blog.

Thanks again. -Joan (JC)

Lizz M said...

Dear JC,
Thanks for reading and posting a comment. The closest JoAnn Fabrics in my area is at Woodbridge and unfortunately that is the only store near to me. But yes it is a very good store, very organized and everytime I go I notice they have all the fabrics trends. There used to be a G Street at the Potomac Mills but it closed this year. I never bought anything there because I found it to be too expensive and overwhelming also...SO MANY FABRICS. One day while a was looking at my e-mails I noticed they offered classes and when I went to check them out I noticed GStreet was gone.

Did you ordered SEW U? That is an excellent book. I will post a review about a boxer pattern that came in that book.

I am glad you are progressing with your sewing.

JC said...

Hey Lizz. Me again. Remember, I posted a month ago saying I want to try this project? Well, since my machine is working, I want to be ambitious. Since I know you're probably an intermediate or advanced sewer, do you think it would be do-able? I haven't sewn sinec a teen, but just started a pillow project last week.

How about the interfacing? Would that be OK for someone with my background? When you can, please shoot me a comment on the blog or an email. Take care and thanks for all of your inspiration. Looks like you're getting a great start for 2009! Keep it up. -Joan.

Lizz M said...

I think this pattern is super easy. With the lining, just don't forget to leave a side open so that you can turn it over. Interfacing may be necessary depending on your choice of fabric. Go for it! E-mail me at