Monday, December 29, 2008

What's new! ?

While browsing the Simplicity website I found this cute dress pattern. I think I would like to make it exactly as it looks in white. Anyway, I browsed all the pattern websites and there is nothing new at all...same blah stuff! What is going on? It is time to bring up the new patterns to start sewing for spring and summer. I can't wait to see the "new collections".


purplestevie said...

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Best wishes

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

wow!!! great blog. i just stumbled onto your blog. i just started taking sewing classes two weeks ago and just got my first machine. i fell in love with the same pattern last week!!! funny. i even bought one like at a gstreet fabrics. i'll definitely be back to visit. happy new year!!

Lizz M said...

When I started this blog I did not imagine how many people would be following. Sewing is a great skill, specially if you are in the fashion business. Thanks for looking!

Jenny said...

just found your blog from the Big List. Like it!
Two questions
- what number is that Simplicity pattern? I'm in Australia, so we're usually a season behind you. This is a nice pattern - well-spotted!
- do you know how to disable the music player on your blog? I have slow internet and limited download capac, so it doesn't play well...

thanks, and looking forward to reading more!

Lizz M said...

Oh, I am sorry for not posting the number. You can go the Simplicity website and check the pattern under new styles. It is #2702.
I don't know how to disable the music. Maybe if you turn off the volume. I really don't know.