Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let's talk about fashion

While browsing other blogs I found a good blog about fashion. It has a Fashion Manifesto that I believe is very certain. Go check it out.

Lately I have been discourage about the lack of style I see in Northern Virginia. I am wishing for things to change now that we will have a new president. This may sound crazy to some people, but I think that we also need a change when it comes to fashion specially in this area. We are so close to the capital of the United States but most people I know are so conservative (or boring) when it comes to dressing. Actually it depends on where you may go, the closer you get to DC you may see women are more fashionable. But mostly, it is all about T-shirts and jeans...sweatpants on the weekends. I really miss living in Panama and Puerto Rico. So, I hope Michelle will do a good job setting some trends in the capital area.

I think this was a good choice for Michelle Obama.

Today I finished my handbags. I will be posting a review and the pictures tomorrow.


JC said...

Hey Lizz. I forgot to ask you. How did you download the music on your blog? Was it fairly easy? I'd like to eventually do something like that. Thanks. -JC

Lizz M said...

Hey JC,
It is very easy to add music. Click on my music box and I think it will direct you to the website. Then just subscribe and follow instructions. You will be able to choose what music you want to play and then copy the link to put in your website.

Leigh-Anne said...

I just moved home to Ohio after living in NVa for nearly 8 years and working in DC, and I hear you. There's a weird blend of blah and bad wardrobe choices...and, sadly, it isn't limited to VA or DC. I'm not a fashion diva in any sense of the word, but I try to look nice when I leave my house for all destinations (aside from the gym). It almost seems like a lot of people have just given up on looking presentable.

That picture of the first couple is stunning. It reminds me of what I've heard (I wasn't alive then) about President Kennedy and his wife/family and the style they brought to the White House.

Lizz M said...

I understand that there is a place for everything. People need to dress professional and adjust to the dressing code of their fields, but what I don't like is that sometimes if I wear bright colors even in the summer I may feel so out of place because of people staring at me. At the beginning I did not get why with such a good economy most women will just take the easy way and wear sweatpants to work. As Seinfield once said, it is like giving up in life. :P

Jenny said...

I found this site recently, about Michelle Obama's clothes. She's a beautiful woman, and I'm looking forward to watching her clothes and style evolution. It might sound shallow, but I don't think it's a problem. I pay attention to politics, and I happen to like clothes, toO!

Lizz M said...

Well, I gave my opinion about Michelle's Obama clothes because Washington DC and Northern Virginia are not very fashionable places and I think she can change that a little bit by contributing to fashion. My personal opinion about the dress she used for the election night is that it was a very bad choice.